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Visit Oregon's wine country to experience gorgeous scenery, sip on world class wines, and dine in our top rated eateries. Whether you have a plan in mind for where you want to visit, or would like us to help determine an itinerary based on your preferences, we will be able to accommodate you. Join us and experience all that the Willamette Valley has to offer! Contact us today with any inquiries or questions.

Welcome to Wine Country Car Service! 

Traveling to Oregon Wine Country? Visiting the Portland area? Then Wine Country Car Service is perfect for you! Our transportation service will provide you with an amazing, unforgettable experience. Relax and don't let the hassle of transportation take away from your wine tasting enjoyment – we’ll take you to your destinations, so you can take advantage of Wine Country to its fullest!

“Wine Country Car Service is dedicated to providing an unmatched experience when traveling to Oregon's Wine Country"


​             Ethan Headley